St. Gregory the Great Cathedral

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The Cathedral of St. Gregory the Great, locally called Albay Cathedral was built using wood in the year 1635 by Martin del Esperitu Santo. In year 1948, as reported in an unsigned 1649 manuscript, the church and casa parroquial was destroyed by the Dutch. Later, 1649, the church and the casa parroquail was rebuild using stone with wall and cubo for defense. In the year 1754 the church together with several houses was burned. After rebuilding. The church, together with half of the town, was again destroyed by eruption of Mt. Mayon in 1814. In 1839 the church was built according to the design of Alcayde Mayor D. Jose Maria Pe├▒aranda in consultation with Jose Yagres, OFM. The Dioceses of Legazpi was established in 1951 and Albay church was raised to cathedral with its first bishop as Msgr. Flaviano Ariola.

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