GDG Phillipines Visits Albay!

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Mr. Wayne Manuel
All the while when I hear Google, I always relate it to Search Engine, Android, PlayStore, Youtube and other Google Products. But this time, GDG Philippines introduced me to the world of Google! Though it was a one day workshop but it was worth it!

Event Program

Event Program

The workshop was broken down into two session. In the morning was introduction of what is Google Developer Groups Philippines all about or simply calling them GDG Philippines and in the afternoon was the workshop, broken down into three session.

Photo Credit to Mr. Richard Nacar
I have picked out the workshop regarding Design Thinking Workshop by Mr. Ralph Vincent Regalado. You can follow him on twitter @regalandroid. He's a cool guy, if you have questions regarding Developing a tool you can approach him. I bet he can help you alot!

As to my own opinion, his topic was so general that you can even apply it in any perspective of your daily life. Like, given a problem and how would you solve that problem and how the person would give you credit. Though in here we have apply it to technology like designing an android application. Anyways, It was awesome topic!

Google Street View

Check this out! Google StreetView! What?! Never heard of it? Same here. Anyways, that's Me, +Andrew Chamberlain , on the left and +Rouel Aldrin Briz on the right. Credit to the photographer +Mary Rose Satparam

If you want to know more about Google Street View check out the video below.


I think it's rare to have a workshop that even though you are not a winner of any games still you bring home not empty handed. Though I really want to have that cardboard that I am really curious about. 

I will definitely keep the notes that Mr. +Ralph Vincent Regalado. Next time, that make my first android application i'll take his advice and check out its output!

Guys, you may also tweet Ma'am Chelle Gray at twitter @cellofoodiegeek for more information. She's nice and cute! :)

Thanks Google Developer Group #IO15Extended 

Visit us again!

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