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What more to is about travelling is the history of the place. When you travel its not all about how it looks and appeals as you see it, you would really never appreciate it unless you know a bit more of its story.

Orgolyo, derived from the word Orgullo, a Bicol word which means Pride. Yes! this blog is about Pride and Travelling. We aim to give the readers a bit of information about places that they are about to visit and make sure that they know they would greatly appreciate the place.

What more to expect

Yeah, yeah! Travelling we all know about travelling. But we want to exceed your expectations, we want to include more than just a travelling information. Yes! We want it to also to be interesting so we want to share also some tips and guides and how to's in this blog. What?! Still want more? Alright, great free photos that you could use as your personal wallpaper. Hope you're satisfied!

About the Author

Hi, I'm Andrew Chamberlain. I work as a Data Analyst. I love exploring different places, learning more about their history and culture and discovering new places that are yet not known to everyone. I also love taking photos, though not a professional photographer, but as criticized that most of my shots are great.

Message from the Author

I hope you found this blog fun, interesting and informative to read. Let me know about your ideas about my blog post by giving me feedback on the comment section.

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