Christmas Around the World in Malinao, Albay

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Last month, December, there has been lots of rumors spreading out regarding Christmas around the world in the Municipality of Malinao, located in the First District of Albay, that it has even brought out in some famous TV shows like Mag-TV and Let's Fiesta. I was curious what the place has to offer since it was just around the town.

Honestly, I was not really that confident if I could visit the place because of my loaded schedule that even weekends are covered with my tight schedule but luckily I was able to get my way out of those tight schedule.

The Location:

Trip to Malinao from Legazpi is about 31-KM. Luckily, I have my own ride this time so traveling all the way from Legazpi was not that of a hassle and it just took an hour and a half to visit the place. Malinao is not really a famous place visit in Albay but good thing they have an initiative to make some attraction that it even reached lots of tourists.

Here's us arriving exactly 4:26 in the afternoon after long trip.

My Travel Buddy with Christmas Around the World

Seems that being an adventurer does not pick the weather especially when they are with their travel buddies.
Me looking some other designs

I forgot to mention that the place was build in front of the Malinao Church and inside a compound connected to the center point of diversion road.

At Night...

If we were fascinated by day, we were astonished when exactly 6:00 o'clock struct, Christmas songs started to play and little by little Christmas lights are turned on.

Oh yes! More surprises. Who expects that I will have a pictorial moment with the Taj Mahal.

Want more? Here's a photo of Mama Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ. We forgot to take photos at night. I'm wondering until now what it looks like when the light was on. Any photo? Please let me know. Please...

( A )                                                                                                          ( B )
Solo with the Eiffel Tower. Now is the time to judge who took the best photo! Let us know.

Do you find the place interesting? Let us know by sharing your stories in the comment below. Happy Three Kings!

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