A Treat at Uncle Ton’s - Best Pizza in Town!

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Finally! Someone brought me to some fancy meal after work and it all thanks to +jennifer tripulca! Though I have visited the place for the third time I really never have spent a time to check the place.

Welcome to Uncle Ton's! Yeah, One of the most talked about restaurant here in Albay! It was not long since it had opened but it had gathered lots of attention of many people, even from other town tried to visit the place to take a bite at their best selling pizza's.

Here am I and my office-mate +Emmalyn Loresto reading some periodicals while waiting for the pizza to be cooked. The one took the picture was Jeeney playing around with the camera settings. Some crazy settings.  Lol. 

Check out our Super Thin, Crusty, Crispy Pizza! Compared to the old Biggs pizza that I used to love, maybe this one could the best alternative since their no longer serve pizza. Guess what, it also comes with a 1.5 liter soft drinks of your choice, all at the budget friendly price. 

Here's +Jennifer Tripulca took the first slice going loco over the super thin, crusty and crispy pizza. Can't get over watching her eating the pizza specially when she put some really hot sauce.

Check out +Emmalyn Loresto, so ladylike while eating some slice of her pizza. Funny that she even have time to pose while she was eating. Lol.

Can't wait to brag about this place to some of my friends! Check out for my new post regarding Uncle Tons! See yah!

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