Crown Park Restaurant - Now in Albay!

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If there is one thing I like having an extra savings and a newly open restaurant is taking a fancy lunch with my girl that we both never tried before.

After a 4 hours shopping, we have decided to take lunch at Crown Park. I think it has been months since it opened but we never have tried it before and no one ever blogged about it. So here I am, so generous and curios on what the place has to offer.

I know there are many other restaurant here in Albay like Delica, Four Seasons, Boklan but this one deserves some verdict.

Crown Park offers variety of dishes from veggies, seafood and meat. With our order we selected each other’s favorites. Shanghai Shrimp and Stir-fried Cabbage w/ Shrimp. Our order does not come with rice. So we ordered an two additional rice for our meal and who would not love drinking 1 pitcher of Ice tea for a hot sunny day.

Going back, here is my buddy, the one who I always spend my time going out and my girl. Hi +Rose! Who loves eating almost everything especially shrimp and crabs.

Check out our stir-fried cabbage with Shrimp! Yummy! Though it lack color but it taste good but not good as my mom cooks. Love you Mom! :)

Here is another one, a full plate, golden brown, addicting Shanghai Shrimp! Look at that. I was shock that it could be cooked like that and would taste good in ketchup. Thumbs up for this one!

And for there Ice tea pitcher? Yeah! Definitely a Go go! I love it! Blends well with our order.

I know everyone will question how much it will cost for our order. So here is the receipt for our order.

By the way, there are also other dishes like combo meal but we didn't order it because we like to eat Shrimp that time.

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