Cost Cutting Technique: How Dr. Zuñiga Save More Money Using Solar Panel For His Home

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Cost cutting, one of the most effective way to save money that cuts everything from your budget. As said from the Ariel Commercial, “Ang tunay na kuripot, tunay na savings ang hanap.” And same as what Dr. Roman Chamberlane Zuñiga VI believed in. He invested his money with solar panels.

Dr. Zuñiga was not that rich and can only be described as an average man with a family. One thing that makes him different from others is his perspective in life on how to lessen his daily expenses.

We know that electricity has been one of the necessities in modern life and we could not deny the fact that rates are going higher than it was before. So, what he does is he save 10 percent of his salary for 3-months to buy his first complete set solar panel.

As expected, his planned worked. From high bill consumption he cut down his electricity expenses less to 20 percent.

It has been a year since he started his plans and right now he has four solar panel installed in his roof running from his 3-stories house with solar bulb, electric fan and even running 32-inch TV.

Still he used the power produced by the electric supplier but no longer to the point that he highly rely on it.

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