Ligñon Hill - The Home of Tandayag

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In the epic IBALONG, Liñgon hill was home of TANDAYAG, a wild boar that destroyed the linza plantation of BALTOG, the first legendary hero from Botavara who came to Bicol.

A legend tells us that the hill rose from the grave of TILMAG, the submissive, humble and good wife of COLACOG, a fierce and cruel giant. He lived with his wife in a rocky cave called KAPUNTUKAN hill, which is located at southern part of this city. Tilmag provided everything necessary for the house of Colacog with perpetual sleepiness woke up only to eat, and when he had to extend his arm to serve as Tilmag’s bridge, when she would take fire from the crater of the volcano MAYONG to light their hearth, to gather firewood from the Island of Cagraray, and to fetch water from the spring of Buragwis.

Apart from these instances, Colacog was asleep - and woe to him who dared interrupt the sleep! He may either come out fling from a great height due to a “sovereign” punch or come out with part of his body fractured. Colacog wished nothing but a quiet and comfortable sleep.

One day, it is told that Colacog was offended by the little bad food prepared by his wife, decided to avenge her (but using all the laws in the book) to avoid responsibility. When Tilmag returned home from taking fire from Mayong, she was hurled and thrown headlong in space and fell on the ground, dead, on the site where now rises the beautiful figure of LIÑGION, a native word, which suggests an imploring compassionate look.

(Note: KAPUNTUKAN, a native word that means point or place of reunion.)

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